The _AoE_ClaN_
Secrets and Cheats ... (just for members of clan)
MEDUSA - villagers become medusa. When villager is killed, he becomes a black rider. and if killed again becomes a heavy catapult.
DIEDIEDIE - you all die
RESIGN - you resign
REVEAL MAP - reveals all the map
PEPPERONI PIZZA - gives yourself 1000 food
COINAGE - gives yourself 1000 gold
WOODSTOCK - gives yourself 1000 wood
QUARRY - gives yourself 1000 stone
NO FOG - remove the fog-of-war
HARI KARI - suicide (a more spectacular way to resign)
PHOTON MAN - get a 'Nuke Trooper' (guy /W A laser gun)
GAIA - control the animals (You loose control of your humans)
FLYING DUTCHMAN - juggernaughts turn into the Flying Dutchman
STEROIDS - instant build
HOME RUN - win the scenario
KILLX - where 'X' is the players position (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8)
BIGDADDY - get a cool car /W a rocket launcher
BIG BERTHA - heavy catapults have greater range and damage
ICBM - ballistias get 100 range points
HOYOHOYO - priest speed up alot, and get 600 hit points
JACK BE NIMBLE - catapults fire peasants who do somersaults as they fly through the air.
E=MC2 TROOPER - get a futuristic trooper. who fires nuclear missl which explode when they hit.



AbOuT _AoE_ clan
This clan one of 100 of clans of Age of Empires.

_AoE_ means Age of Empires .

thats all for now , so go go go go and join clan !!!
Is It time to join ?
If u wanna join _AoE_ read this rules .

1.Your ratting needn to be 1700+++.

2.You need to talk with leader of _AoE_clan

it's _AoE_MaN_.

3.You need to tell him why u wanna join _AoE_clan

4.Before u wanna join this clan go to that WebSite There r other clan named


5.If u like this clan write your nick like this

_AoE_your nick_

6.Send me on email who r u .

that's was 6 rules what this clan need to join.

will see at _AoE_

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The first 3 members of _AoE_
Members of _AoE_

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